Attention 45 – 55 year old professional women who feel stagnant in your career….


You are about to Discover the 3 Signs that you are headed for a Career Crisis …. And what to about it to become an irreplaceable asset to your company.


In this FREE special report, “3 Signs you have a Career in Crisis,” you will learn how to:


·         Become an irresistible asset to your company

·         Do the one thing you MUST do to stay ahead in your career

·         Improve rapport and likeability with your boss and colleagues

·         Create a vibrant growth track in your work

·         Have more time to think about and plan your future


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3 Signs You Have a Career in Crisis

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You’re in the right place if:


·         You crossed the midpoint in your salary range

·         Your performance review rating has not changed in two years

·         You function in a support position and not a line position

·         You feel frustrated with your boss and colleague

·         You are undervalued and feel your skills are not being utilized well

·         You don’t know how to identify what might be stopping you from advancing


I’ve worked with hundreds of professional women like you to get your career on track and avoid career crisis!



I have a strategic blueprint for 2012-2013....


In my Discovery Session, Ellen showed me where to improve my strategic insight and expand my global view for my company in larger markets. 


We designed my strategic blueprint for 2012/2013.  An investment well spent. 

- Doug Grabowski, Connecticut



Well prepared to find my ideal corporate match....


After 15 years as a Director in education, I was shocked to receive a layoff notice.  I don't know what I would have done without a discovery session with Ellen. 


My coaching sessions were the right investment in my future and I am well prepared to find my ideal corporate match in 2012.

 – Harriet Gibbs, New York


Now I know how to be the expert…..thank you!


“Ellen's training is very helpful! The thought of branding myself online had never crossed my mind in terms of job search.


She was also able to give insight on what tools are needed and changes necessary to position myself as an expert in the social networks.  I will be recommending her service to anyone I know who is a "Professional in transition". 

- Joannes "Joe" Hotagua, New York


Clear next steps that make the transition easy….


“Every ‘byte’ of information Ellen shared with me helped me in my job search and helped me transition myself into an Independent Consultant, revamp my website and create 4 new products.”

-  Kathy Holdaway, San Diego




Enter you Name and email to gain immediate access to this report

3 Signs You Have a Career in Crisis




I look forward to sharing these powerful techniques with you and supporting you in your career advancement.


To your success



Ellen J. Harris


Executive Management Coach



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